This is a categorized list of much of the software I have worked on. Some things are listed twice if I wasn’t sure what category to put them in. Source code for a lot of these projects can also be found on my github profile.

Functional Programming

  • A compiler for a simple language with lambdas and a garbage collector using LLVM [ source ]
  • A compiler from scheme to the λ-calculus [ source ]
  • Most of a Python compiler. This project was for a compilers class, and we implemented a lexer, parser, desugarer, and normalizer.
  • A Dominion AI [ source ]
  • An interesting sudoku solver in Haskell [ source ]
  • An implementation of Java style interfaces in an interpreted lisp-like language
  • A regex matcher using derivatives in JavaScript


  • A static RAM cell demo board [ source ]
  • An LED matrix prototyping panel for [ source ]
  • A dance detector [ source ]
  • A touch sensative necklace pendant [ source ]
  • A half adder using resistor-transistor logic [ source ]
  • A sunrise alarm clock [ source ]


  • A 3D engine with a nonlinear projection, written in Rust and OpenGL [ source ]
  • A prototype version of the 3D engine written in pure scala with a demo game on top [ source ]
  • An ASCII art generator [ source ]

Data Engineering

  • A data ETL pipeline for 3M HIS’s data science lab
  • Deployment of ML models on AWS Lambda for 3M HIS’s data science lab


  • A control systems simulator. Includes a simple PID controlled space ship and a more complex space ship controlled by two nested PIDs [ source ]

Machine Learning and AI

  • A question answering system based heavily on quarc
  • A Boggle solver [ source ]
  • A Dominion AI [ source ]
  • A low performance character recognition algorithm for sheet music
  • Neural nets with backprop training
  • ID3 decision trees
  • SVM with various loss functions and SGD training
  • A lame sudoku solver [ source ]


I did my undergrad thesis in natural language parsing with Dr. Vivek Srikumar at the University of Utah.

  • Memoized Parsing with Derivatives: Tobin Yehle (2016) [ pdf ]


  • A dynamical friction simulation [ source ]
  • Particle simulation [ source ]

Complex Networks

  • Clustering analysis of suicide cases based on medical diagnostic codes for the University of Utah departement of Psychiatry


I worked on complex networks with Dr. Ronaldo Menezes at Florida Institue of Technology.

  • From Criminal Spheres of Familiarity to Crime Networks: Marcos A. C. Oliveira, Hugo Serrano Barbosa Filho, Tobin Yehle, Sarah White, Ronaldo Menezes (2015) doi

  • The Spatial Structure of Crime in Urban Environments: Sarah White, Tobin Yehle, Hugo Serrano Barbosa Filho, Marcos A. C. Oliveira, Ronaldo Menezes (2014) doi